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 Celebrating 50 Years in Showbusiness




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Con & Dec wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year






 Our Friend Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart had a stroke and died three days later. Ed was famous for his wit as a DJ and for his long stint on Crackerjack



Con had the pleasure of organising 'Mock Interviews' for some of the pupils at his local Brooksbank School as part of Elland Rotary Club's yearly Programme. In all 21 students requested to be interviewed. In this session Con was joined by Rotarian Allan Jagger OBE, Past President of Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland.

Mock Interview

A programme where individual Rotarians and others provide a short interview experience for young people in schools, typically in Year 10 (4thYear) age 14‐15. This is often the first experience a student has of meeting and having a typical 10 minute conversation with an unknown adult. The benefit to the individual's self‐confidence and esteem as a result of this short experience is usually significant. The Programme is often structured around development of CVs and writing a letter of application.


REVIEW January 2016



Daryl Morton            Con             Michael Cluskey    

Con went to Elland Rotary's Valentines Ball with his son Michael and friend Rotarian Daryl Morton. Con's son Phillip was providing the music with his girlfriend Roni Hart, known as 'Little and Often'. The night was a huge success and raised £3,000 for The Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Royal Air Forces Association.





Bachelors  .... ‘Muintir Mhic Bhloscaigh’ – The Documentary - 20th March. Irish TV Channel TG4 at 10pm. SKY channel 163 and you will also be able to view it on TG4 online  It will be repeated at 8pm on 24th March






"Dec wins the latest heat of the World Championship of Public Speaking” 




Dec and Con in Chester with Daddy Cluskey and Aunt Molly plus their cousin Jean” ... Dec loved flying model aeroplanes.  And he wore his O'Connell School Blazer with pride .... everywhere!



Dec accepts yet another award for Public Speaking ... this time from Toastmasters International in the USA.




Dec and his wife Sandy enjoyed a week in Corfu where they spent time with their daughter Victoria, who was performing there.

Con & Dec entertained Kathy Brown and 50 of her friends and relatives at her 65th Birthday Party.


Blast From The Past

Con & Dec with sister Brenda in their back garden in Dublin in front of the Hen House where they kept chickens.

The hens kept them supplied with eggs, and on occasions, when they could stand it, their father killed one of the hens for dinner!

Dec and Con can still smell the blood!!!!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Con, on the left, with High Viz Jacket was helping to raise money for Overgate Hospice in Elland

He and his fellow Rotarians were operating their Human Fruit Machine and raised several hundred pounds for a good cause 

With 3 goes for a pound the contestant rang a bell whereupon the members would hold up a piece of fruit.

If there were 3 matching fruit the contestant won, if not they got a lollipop!




We had a great night in Dover with the Rotary Club there, first with a great meal and then a full concert in the Nye Hall at the Duke of York’s Royal Military School. They managed to raise £10,400 on the night. We were pictured with President Roger Walton and the District Governor Ray Dixon in their chains of office. The only drawback was the journey there and back, with a 15 minute holdup on the M1 and a 25 minute holdup on the M25. Got to bed at 6.30am.......

OH the Glamour of Showbusiness!!!!!



Blast From The Past

Con & Dec with their Mum & Dad and two cousins on a camping holiday in Ireland.

They toured Ireland every year in their reliable old Ford Y Model with their tent strapped to the roof.

Happy Days!!


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Dec & Con with members of 'The Criterion All-Stars' who played with them at

The Criterion Theatre in Sheerness. It was a magic night in a very old style theatre.



Worthing by the sea. 

Dec takes charge at an outdoor Toastmasters meeting with the Lord Mayor, the Town Crier and lots of friends [and the public]”


Con with Ian and Diane Park, two of the organisers of the Haworth 60's 2 day Festival which Con officially opened on Saturday 25th June.





Blast From The Past

Dec & Con with their mum in Southampton waving their sister Brenda off as she set sail for Kuala Lumpar to get married


Princes Trust

"Dec presenting his Speaking Workshops to Princes Trust attendees at Lewes, East Sussex"


Con & Dec with the crew of The Princess Theatre in Hunstanton after a fantastic afternoon show.

It took Dec 7 hours to travel from Eastbourne to do the show due to a crash on the M25, and he missed the first half of the show!!

Luckily Con was able to do the first half on his own!!!




“Dec loves Spanish ‘Hamon Iberico’... how long will it take to eat this whole joint?”


Batley Variety Club Closes Down

Con & Dec laid the foundation stone for Batley Variety Club and did the opening weeks cabaret there. They appeared there many times to packed audiences.


Bernie Clifton and Con outside Batley Variety Club reminiscing about the glory days of the club

Bernie Clifton shows Con how to do the 'Biscuit Tin Dance' which he invented on this very stage.

Bernie Clifton, Steve Todd (Manager) Ian White (BBC) and Con prior to filming for BBC News on which they discussed the closing down of The Frontier, formerly Batley Variety Club







Con in Dublin

Celebrating Bert Cotter's Birthday with Fr. Paul Byrne and Edna Cotter

One of the sights of Dublin. The 'Pole in the Hole' on the left and a building celebrating the centenary of the 1916 Easter Uprising.

Con played golf at Newlands Golf Club with old friends Jos Coogan, Bert Cotter and Jimmy. A very enjoyable day talking about childhood memories.




>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<





>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<








 Dec's son Oliver celebrated the re-licensing of his Aldershot venue ‘The Funky End’

 .... with the incredible DJ Judge Jules ..... what a night ... and Dec was there too!’



Con shared a VIP settee at a UB40 concert in Liverpool with his son Phillip and his girlfriend Roni also known as 'Little and Often'. After the concert they attended a Champagne Party backstage with Robin from UB0 and some of the band. A great night out!!!






Dec & Con with concert organiser Julie Higgins. Julie organised for the boys to appear at Risby Village Hall on behalf of Risby Women's Institute,

where they gave a great talk about their career and also sang some of their favourite hit songs acoustically



  Portrait of 'Felix' The Cat 

Deputy Lord Mayor Christine Iredale, Con, Phillip, Roni, Station Manager, Rob Martin the painter.



Con went to Huddersfield Railway Station as the Deputy Lord Mayor Christine Iredale unveiled the portrait of 'Felix The Station Cat' painted by Rob Martin. The frame was specially hand made by Con's son Phillip and his girlfriend Roni who perform as 'Little and Often'. The cat is dressed in a 'Bronte Style' dress to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Bronte Sisters.

The portrait hangs in the entrance hall of the station in a prominent position and is admired by all who pass by. Check it out!!  








The Plaque










Dec Mentors Prince's Trust Group

Princes Trust Team 17 on their final presentation day with Mayor of Eastbourne and the Lady Lieutenant






Con dressed as Santa Claus on the Elland Rotary Sleigh collecting money for Rotary Charities. Nearly £4,000 raised.......

A worthwhile effort.



Watch out --- There are 'Lookalikes' About.

Illegal Tributes using the name 'The Bachelors'

If it's Not Con & Dec, it's NOT The Bachelors!!

Check before you book your tickets!



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