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               2004                   Con & Dec    The Bachelors  

The Original 60's Group.

Con & Dec - Still keeping it up - with their Backing Band plus the Treorchy Male Choir 

at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London


Con & Dec with Companion Rat John Ratcliffe, Brian Murphy (Last of the Summer Wine) and Lady Ratlings receiving cheques raised at Woodville Halls Theatre during the Pantomime Season


Phil Collin's sister Laura Collins, Companion Rat John Ratcliffe and wife Marsha admire Con & Dec's new Marshall Amplifiers.


John Dartnell 'The Beard' joins Con & Dec down front for some Rock & Roll



Dec with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page at Dr. Jim Marshall's Birthday Bash


Con act as "Feed" for Sir Norman Wisdom at a Showbiz Lunch


Con & Dec with Andrew Zebenica having successfully reopened Shipley's Luxury Bingo in Redditch.


Con & Dec recording their new Christmas Album which will be released on Ktel Records in August 2004.


Straight down the middle! Dec Golfing in Spain

Con Kay & Dec take a break in Spain

Con & Dec relax after a game of golf in Spain.

Con & Dec relax at their villa 


Con with golfing pal Brian Johnson of rock group  ACDC

Con golfing with Snooker Champion Ray Reardon 

At St. Pierre Golf Club with Robbie Williams Dad, Pete Conway, and Fortunes Singer, Shel McKray.

St. Pierre with Sir Norman Wisdom and football legend Duncan McKenzie


Con & Dec with Dame Vera Lynne and her daughter backstage after a successful concert at the Congress Theatre Eastbourne 


Con enjoying a break at The Forest of Arden Golf Course

Con with friend Johnny Briggs of 'Coronation Street' at a Celebrity Golf Dinner doing their bit for the Transaid Charity

Con checks out a bit of history in the 'Opera House' Blackpool

Joe Longthorne, Water Rat Johnnie Casson  and Con share a joke in Joe's dressing room at the Opera House Blackpool


Con & Dec perform at the Opera House Blackpool.

Con & Dec got rave revues for their 'season' in Blackpool's Opera House.   

Other 'Raves' went to Johnnie Casson, Keily Hampson and Maurice Grumbleweed.



Pete Conway (Robbie William's Dad), and Con sing 'Angels' onstage at the Opera House Blackpool




Con & Dec play to a 'Full House' at St. David's Hall Cardiff

October 2004

Prince Charles has a chat with Dec at the Princes Trust Ceremony

Con & Dec with Dame Vera Lynne and Elaine Page


Dec and Englebert Humperdink at a coach presentation ceremony 

Con & Dec perform at Tamworth

Some of the Fans who enjoyed Con & Dec's Performance in Tamworth

Con & Dec with help from Vicci Esselle

November 2004

Con & Dec with old pal Gerry Marsden. The Bachelors were entertaining Gay, Ian Wade's mum and her guests on her 92nd birthday. Victoria and Ian are on the right 


Dec plays a guitar solo in front of a packed audience at the Saunton Sands Hotel in Barnstable.

Con switches on the Christmas Lights in Holmefirth, home of  'Last of the Summer Wine'.

Dec is 'Mobbed' by an enthusiastic audience at the 'Triangle Club' in Bristol


The Future

Con & Dec are looking forward to it............Its another adventure, waiting to happen!! -- Revised: 01/02/16
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The Original 60's Group. All rights reserved.
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DISCLAIMER:  Please note that this is a historical site for reference only.  This site does not purport to be a promotion of Dec Cluskey and Con Cluskey as 'The Bachelors'.  Con and Dec [who recorded every Bachelors' Hit] are familiarly and legally known as Con and Dec The Bachelors.