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Con & Dec Cluskey



Con & Dec with Peter Phipps


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As The New Bachelors Con & Dec with Peter were as busy as ever

Frankie Howard in Australia with Dec and their musical director Stuart Atkins


Con Dec and Peter Phipps set off on a six week tour of Australia

where they met up with comedian Frankie Howard who was staying

in the same hotel in Sydney. They spent many happy hours

 together.....OOH, AAH I SAY!!!

Con Dec and Frankie



The New Bachelors spent a week at Romanos famous Cabaret Room in Perth where all the big star play went down a storm with standing ovations every night.

Peter Phipps had breathed new life into the act with his musicianship!


Con Dec and Pete took time to visit Taronga zoo and feed the animals.


Peter Phipps enjoyed his first tour of Australia as he took in the view from his apartment overlooking Sydney Harbour.


Back in Britain Con Dec and Pete played Torquay and spent some time with old friends Pontins Area Manager Derek Hardy and his wife Helen.



Con & Dec's Coat of Arms


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