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         The Bachelors  The Original 60's Group. 


THE BACHELORS SHOW at The Opera House, Manchester JANUARY  1967


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  'The Bachelors' summer season in The Futurist Theatre, Scarborough, where we record our Irish Album, 'Under and Over' in the dressing rooms !


                    The Bachelors along with Decca Sound Engineers squeezed into one of the dressing rooms at Scarboroughs Futurist Theatre, plus the '4 track' recording desk brought up from London!  width=

It's a tight squeeze, but it sounded great!

Decca wanted an Irish Album from 'The Bachelors' but they were too busy to travel to London, so the studio came to them! Sitting in different dressing rooms for 'separation' and fitted with earphones they recorded the back tracks, then put the voices on in another dressing room. One track was performed live in the pub next door to the theatre! When other musicians were required they travelled to London to the Decca Studios in West Hampstead.


ALSO in 1967

'The Bachelors' opening Batley Variety Club, 26/3/'67.

                    Jamie Corrigan presenting the 'Keys' to officially open Batley Variety Club, as Betty and James look on.                   

On 10th Dec. 1966 The Bachelors were asked to lay the Foundation Stone for Batley Variety Club in Yorkshire, England.1 Sixteen weeks later they opened it to the public. Many great artists followed in their footsteps including The Supremes, Louis Armstrong, Shirley Bassey and The Bee Gees. (One of them married a waitress from there!) 

 The club is still going strong, although it is now called 'The Batley Frontier Variety Club'. The Foundation Stone was on the right of the front door as you entered.

The Bachelors

The Bachelors sang two songs at the San Remo Song Festival, one being 'Proposta', 

the other being 'Per vedere quant' grande il mondo'. Proposta came 3rd in the competition, 

but went on to be a No.1 record in Italy.

Check it out on

The Bachelors

The Bachelors appearing on Chinese Television whilst they were in Hong Kong


The Bachelors appeared at The Birmingham Hippodrome and spoke of their recent success at The San Remo Song Festival, and of their forthcoming album 'The Golden All Time Hits'.



The Bachelors

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