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     Con & Dec  The Bachelors       The Original 60's Group.

1993    Con & Dec go it alone !!                 


Con & Dec 'The Bachelors' as they are today.

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Lonnie  George   Brian    Bert     Dec     Con

Brian May   Bert Weedon  George Harrison  Con

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Back Row    - Bruce Welsh, George Harrison, Mike Read, Lonnie Donegan, Bert Weedon, Con Cluskey, Brian May, Dec Cluskey

Front Row - Joe Brown, Chas McDevitt.

         Bert Weedon (Play in a Day) was 'King Rat' and invited his many guitar playing friends to join him at the Grosvenor House, London for a 'Bash'. 

WOW - What  a  Night!!


Con & Dec The Bachelors teamed up with Barbara Windsor, Norman Collier and a host of other stars

for a short 'Music Hall' season at The Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton


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Con & Dec The Bachelors

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DISCLAIMER:  Please note that this is a historical site for reference only.  This site does not purport to be a promotion of Dec Cluskey and Con Cluskey as 'The Bachelors'.  Con and Dec [who recorded every Bachelors' Hit] are familiarly and legally known as Con and Dec The Bachelors.