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It Becomes a Blur!!!!

In 1968  The Bachelors appeared at the ABC Theatre in Blackpool for the Summer Season. The show was Sold Out for the whole 18 weeks of the run.


The Bachelors starred in their own production show called The Bachelors show, which they toured all over the British Isles and also Dublin. It was a huge spectacular containing two comedians [typically Mike Yarwood, Les Dawson, Frank Carson etc.] plus a comedy act, 16 Tiller Girls, Six Boy Singer/Dancers and Six Girl Singer/Dancers plus a speciality act.

The Bachelors in one of the dance routines with all the girls

The Bachelors in full flow singing and dancing in their own spectacular show


Sunday Night at The London Palladium


Sunday Night at The London Palladium

In 1970 

The Golden Garter

The opening night of the lads' 3-week run. Con & Dec with the resident support cabaret act - Shep's Banjo Boys - who went on to appear on The Comedians TV Show.

The Bachelors hold the record for being the very first act to play the Golden Garter 3 weeks consecutively.  Bearing in mind the venue seated 1,400 people per night, that is more than 25,000 patrons who saw the lads over the 18 nights. Garter website www.The

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Under & Over

The Bachelors starred in their own Comedy Playhouse Series called 'Under and Over' in which they played three Irish Navvies building an underground tunnel in London.




The Bachelors arrived in Johannesburgh with singer Karen Young to start a 6 week tour of South Africa.

Also on the show with them was Norman Collier


Another BBC TV Show


in 1971



At 'The Talk Of The Town' with Diana Landor, one of the Showgirls

With 'The Bachelor Girls' Diana Miller, Erica Beale, Pat Spooner, Connie Kay and Penny Meredith who danced on their ITV series 'The Bachelors Show'



The Bachelors appeared in Pantomime at The Birmingham Hippodrome. Also on the bill was their great friend Frank Carson


in 1972




People queued around the block in London to see 'The Bachelors Show' causing Traffic Jams in Victoria.

The Bachelors did a 4 Month Season at The Victoria Theatre in London when 'The Black and White Minstral Show' was taken off due to a Labour Government ruling that the price of an existing product could not be increased. Appearing with The Bachelors were Dick Emery, Freddie Davies, The Stunning Tiller Girls, The Starlighters and Speciality Act The Bizzarros

When The Bachelors season finished Robert Luff put 'The Black and White's' back in the theatre under a new name 'The Magic of The Minstrels' which allowed him to increase the admission prices.


The Bachelors as they appeared in 'The Lena Zavaroni Show' on TV

In 1973

Con took Dec with him on his annual trip to Dumfries in Scotland to do some 'Rough Shooting'. Con went every year to see some old friends at The Nith Hotel and practice his other favourite sport of shooting.


1974 saw a tour of South Africa appearing at the Nico Milan, Capetown from 11th February till 2nd March.

The Coliseum, Johannesburg from March 4th till march 16th.

The Capital Theatre Pretoria on March 18th and 19th.

The Playhouse, Durban from March 20 till 23rd.

Holiday Inns, from March 25th till 30



Summer Season at The Pavilion Theatre Bournmouth



The Bachelors spent a record breaking 18 week season at the Pavilion Theatre in Bournemouth with Billy Dainty, The Vernons and the fabulous Tiller Girls, Pictured Right with Billy Dainty in the wings waiting to make his appearance.


The Bachelors also appeared at Caesars Palace in Luton for a week

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Con & Dec 'The Bachelors' threw themselves into many fund raising projects. It was time to 'Give Something Back' as they put it. In doing so they rubbed shoulders with many like minded people.


   Con & Dec shake hands with the Duchess of Kent at Batley Variety Club.They presented her with a cheque for her favourite charity

  Con had presented a cheque for 11,000.00 to the Duchess of Kent to help her favourite charity. This was at a special Charity Concert at Batley Variety Club in Yorkshire, England.

Con & Dec 'The Bachelors' chatting with Princess Anne at another charity event. 


in 1975 Con & Dec took on another tour of Australia visiting all the major clubs and theatres and enjoying the process.


In 1977   A big surprise for The Bachelors..... This Is Your Life!!


The Bachelors were supposedly invited up to London to take part in a photo shoot and an interview about their TV series for Thames TV magazine . Whilst they were having their pictures taken with their families their old friend Eamonn Andrews, with whom they had appeared in a 25 week radio series in Dublin, suddenly appeared.

They were a victim of Eamonn and his famous red book and those famous words "This Is Your Life".


in 1982

The Pope visits Gt. Britain


Con & Dec 'The Bachelors' performed at York Racecourse entertaining the 250,000 + people who came to see The Pope on his visit to England. When The Pope's microphone would not work The Bachelors gave him one of theirs, that's how Dec became 'Sound Engineer ' to The Pope.

Con watches the Pope  


testing - testing   !  

The Pope prays.

Jimmy Savile  'Fixed It' !!

in 1983



The Bachelors with Lyn Paul, from 'The New Seekers', appeared in the Pantomime 'Aladdin' at The Theatre Royal Hanley.

It was a very successful season and brought rave reviews for all concerned in the production.

Sadly it was to be the last show in which John Stokes would appear with The Bachelors.


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