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Con & Dec   'The Bachelors'

 are still getting

 Better and Better



Con & Dec appearing at 'The Warriors Club' where they again got a standing ovation.

FEBRUARY - - - -  At Sir Norman Wisdom's 90th Birthday Bash


Con, Louisa, Oliver, Sandy, Dec, and Victoria Cluskey                                              

Dec, Victoria, Con, & Roy Walker

Joe Pasquale, Tim Healy, Con & Steve Clark

Con being cheeky with 'The Cheeky Girls'

With old friend Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart

Con & Dec 'Keeping up Appearances' with Geoffrey Hughes





Con with 'The Dubliners' John Sheehan and Eamonn Campbell

when they appeared in Halifax

Con with Jimmy Cricket, Con's son Phillip and Kay at the 'Twin Mayo Annual Dinner' in Elland which Con compered


Con was at Mass in Montserrat  Monastery to celebrate The Pope's Ordination

Con 'Tees Off' at Catalunya Golf Course 

in Spain.


Con at Graham Grumbleweed's 60th Birthday

Con with the legendary producer Johnny Hamp of 'Wheeltappers' fame

Con with Cannon & Ball and Robin Grumbleweed 

Con sings Happy Birthday to Graham

Con & Billy Pearce

< < < Con with Celebrities at the Sealy Golf Classic in Carlisle, Paul Stevens (The Singing Caddy), Dicky Day, Steve Womak, Shel McKray, of the Fortunes, and organiser Alan Clarke


Con joined other showbiz celebrities at the annual bash at The Cedar Court Hotel, Huddersfield, organised by

 Neil Crossland [Stagewear Unlimited]



Con & Dec with Tony Teret after a fantastic night at the 'Live & let Live'

"Wow that was a hot one!"

Con & Dec Perform at Huddersfield Golf Club

in a mini Glastonbury Festival Atmosphere.

50,000 watts of sound provided by Phillip Cluskey

"Wow that was a loud one!"


A night at The Congress Theatre, Eastbourne

Con & Joe Brown during Rehearsals

Bruce Welch of The Shadows, Steve Dawson and Con

Dec onstage with Bruce and his backing group playing Appache

Dec, Deputy Lord Mayor Bruce Welch

 Jeremy Beadle MBE and Con 

The Finale - Con sings 'Angels' supported by the Full Cast

Celebrity Golf Tour

Con with Pauline and her sister who supplied "Fancy a Bonk" shirts for the Celebrities!

Con between Stuart Wade (Emmerdale) and Tony Barton (Coronation St.) with The Celebrity Golf Tour

  Stuart Wade (Emmerdale), Shel MacRae  (Fortunes) Con, Fred Whitfield (Senior Golf Tour) Dickie Day, Colin Gibson,  Tony Barton (Coronation St.) Gordon Lee (Football) and Kit Rathbone

Con & Paul Stevens, The Singing Caddy stand behind Dickie Day, Steve Womack Shel MacRae and Alan Clarke who organises the Celebrity Golf Tour


A Weekend Performing in Guernsey

Ken adjusts his Vox Amp for the show

What a nice way to spend a Sunny Sunday Afternoon in Guernsey with Ken

It was Sunday, so Con & Dec visited the Little Church in Guernsey

Hitler left some Bunkers in Guernsey, so Con & Dec had a look around one.

Con relaxes with friends Bernie Flint & Norman Collier


Norman Collier amuses Tony Barton as he toasts some bread on the candles at a Celebrity Golf Do.


We Meet, We Meet, 7 Water Rats at the Sir  Norman Wisdom Golf Classic at Carden Park.

Tony Barton (Coronation St.), Roger deCourcy, Johnny More, Stan Stennett, Sir Norman Wisdom, Brendan Healy, and Con Cluskey

Sir Norman makes Con Laugh as he 'hides' behind Brendan Healy.


Jay,    Jimmy    Con    &   Wayne

Con joins 'The Osmonds' in Blackpool where they are appearing at the Grand Theatre with Billy Pearce.


Con & Dec Entertaining a packed audience at the 

Rotary District 1220 Conference 


The Spa Theatre, Scarborough.

Con & Dec with Rotary District Governor

 Chris Garner


Playing in comfort at Parador Malaga del Golf

No better hotel for the night

The 18th at Montecastillo

Ready for a massage!!

The Bud Flanagan Leukaemia Fund Boxing Night

Con & Dec with old friends Bernard Coral and Sir Henry Cooper


Dining in style with Dr. Jim Marshall OBE and his Son


Con & Dec used to tour with Barry McGuigans Father, Pat McGuigan. There was lots to reminisce about.


What Nice People, Geoffrey Archer, who is writing yet another book! and Prof. Gareth Morgan PhD.,F.R.C.P.F.R.Path.



Con had a 'Happy Birthday Party' with his family whilst listening to Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart playing Con & Dec's hits on BBC 2 as 'Record of the Week'


Jess Conrad ( The Teeth are real--The rest is False!!), Con, Craig Douglas, and Dec, at a re-union in Welshpool

Billy Davis, Con, Jet Harris looking Dapper, and Vince Eager, at a re-union in Welshpool.

Con, Johnny Leyton, Billy Davis (Still as lovely as ever), and Dec at a re-union in Welshpool

What a lineup!- Mike Berry, Ricky Valance, Con, Chas McDevitt, Clem Cattini, Dec and Wee Willy Harris at a re-union in Welshpool

Another Successful Production

Dec's Son Oliver proudly shows off Dec's 1st Grandson Zacharia

I'm Oh So Tired!! -- Revised: 01/02/16
Copyright 2001 Con & Dec The Bachelors.
The Original 60's Group. All rights reserved.
Maintained by: bachelors.webmaster@thebachelors.c

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