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Con & Dec   'The Bachelors'

 are "Simply The Best"


King Rat Kaplan Kaye congratulates Con on becoming Deputy Musical Rat of the Grand Order of Water Rats.

Dec poses with New King Rat Kaplan Kaye and Past King Rats of the Grand Order of Water Rats.


Con with Councilor Henry Kenny of Mayo County Council at the Calderdale - Mayo Twin Link Society Dinner in Berties Banqueting Suite, Elland.

Con with The Oldest Water Rat, Past King Rat Alf Pearson and the newest Water Rat, Baby Rat Peter Polycarpou. Peter became a Water Rat on 26th February.


Dec on the Mary Harboe Show in Spain

Dec enjoys a drink with Mr. & Mrs. Rolf Harris and Bruce Welsh and his Good Lady

The Irish Together... Val Doonican, His Wife and Dec

Dec mixes with Bobby Robson, and Mr. & Mrs. Tony Selby


Appearing at 'The Waterfront' in Belfast Con & Dec had them all Dancing in the Isles. Vicci C joined in the fun and had them dancing as well!!

Wow what a night to remember.



Quote from Sharon Osbourne


The Welcome Return of Water Rat Dr. Jim Marshall OBE with Dec, Derek Martin [Charley Slater in Eastenders] and Con 

Dec gets together with Kevin Woodward of 'Ready Steady Cook' fame on Kevin's popular Radio Show in Spain.

Joining in the fun at the Billy Fury Tribute Weekend were Jimmy Cricket, Dec, The Mayor of Wirral, Councilor Christine Meaden, her Consort, and Con 

Con & Dec let their hair down to celebrate the 60th Birthdays of Chris and Rita Stern at 'Berties' of Elland


They also threw in some entertainment as a Birthday Present!!



Con & Dec with Peter Lydon when they appeared at 'Lydons' in Wimbledon Village......Another Memorable night, with Memorable Food!!

Con & Dec with some members of their Fan Club at a 'Get Together' before their show at 'The Castle Hotel' in Tamworth

Con gets all dramatic at The Castle Hotel Tamworth



Write Up from 'The News of The World', 14th May 2006, on Con & Dec's new record of 

'I Believe' to be recorded soon in Dublin

Giovanni Di Stefano, Carmela,  and Dec  recording in Dublin


Con & Dec with Molly Malone in Dublin


Con & Dec with their 'Legal Team' in Dublin


Celebrating at the Eddie Stobart Golf Classic with John Miles and wife Eileen

Tony Barton, Stan Boardman, Con, Dave Wolfe, and football legend Duncan McKenzie celebrating Stans entry into 'The Charts' with his World Cup Song.

5 Water Rats - Tim Healy, Con, Tony Barton Norman Collier and Johnny More all turned up to support the Celebrity Golf Tour at Elsham Golf Course

Celebrities Johnny More, Pro Golfer Fred Whitfield, Norman Collier, Football Legend Duncan McKenzie, Con Cluskey, Lucy Collier, Stuart Wade (Emmerdale), and Football Legend Frank Worthington


Con & Dec back in Guernsey by Popular Demand at the Wayside Cheer Hotel

They found a cottage in Guernsey that reminded them of Ireland!

Con had a great day at Forest of Arden Golf Club with Celebrity Golfers Bev Bevan of  'The Move' and Professional Golfer Fred Whitfield.

Robbie Williams Dad Pete Conway joined Con and Pro Golfer Fred Whitfield at Con and Pro Golfer Fred Whitfield at the Celebrity Golf Tour Dinner at The Forest of Arden Golf Club


Carmela recording her part in the new version of  Con & Decs 'I Believe' to be released in Italy

Dec, Kenny Baker [R2 D2], Graham Cole [The Bill], Bert Weedon, Brian Poole, Victoria Marshall, Jess Conrad, Jim Marshall, Chas McDevitt, Nico McBrain [Iron Maiden]

at Jim Marshalls Birthday Bash 

Con & Dec putting finishing touches to their new recording of I Believe



Con gets a Standing Ovation at The Bournemouth International Conference Centre.

Con & Dec playing to a Full House at The Bournemouth International Centre

Another Super night at Kidderminster Harriers Social Club

Lynne Hayes, Con & Dec The Bachelors Fan Club Secretary came to see them on her Birthday 16th September, and shared a 'Special Cake'.

A Special Cake for a Special Lady!


Terry Marshall who is Baby Rat of the Grand Order of Water Rats with Con &  Dr. Jim Marshall OBE enjoying the Sir Henry Cooper Classic Boxing Night in aid of the 'Bud Flanagan Leukaemia Fund'

Con with Terry Marshall and Water Rats Rex Roper and Udo Fontaine.

Graham Cole from The Bill, Con and King Rat Kaplan Kaye enjoying the Sir Henry Cooper Classic Boxing Night.

Con, Dec and Victoria with Fr. Ned Quinn, Parish Priest at St. Anne's Parish Centre in Birkenhead. Fr. Ned and Con grew up together in Dublin and are life long pals.

Con, Dec and Victoria had the time of their lives performing at St. Anne's Parish Centre for Fr. Ned Quinn.


Margaret Con & Jean celebrating Joy's (Margaret's Mother) 80th Birthday Party at DiMiro's Restaurant in Cardiff

Bad News! Breakdown on the way home.

 All Together "There's No Business Like Show Business" .. Especially at 8 am on a Cold November Morning.

A Forlorn 'Bachelors Crew'

Mac (Sound), Phillip (Lights) and Justin (Drums) can't wait to get home to bed!

The 'New Bachelors' Con, Peter Phipps and Dec have a reunion 

when Pete popped in to see his old mates at Corton Coastal Resort.

Dec's Daily Express Interview 'Whatever Happened to The Bachelors' in which Dec explains our non stop singing career since 1962. In it he explains how John left the act in 1984 and how Con & Dec have continued recording and performing all over the World!

Con & pal Graham Grumbleweed at The Water Rats Ball in Grosvenor House London

Water Rat Derek  Martin from Eastenders with Con, Tony Barton and Natalie Cassidy who plays Sonia Fowler in Eastenders

Con with friends Tony Barton, Frazer Hines and ventriloquist Neville King

Water Rats Tony Barton, John Bardon and Con.

Con gets fresh with Natalie Cassidy


Tony Barton shows Natalie Cassidy the Champagne he won in the Water Rats Quiz.

King Rat Kaplin Kaye makes  John Bardon  Prince Rat of The Grand Order of Water Rats

King Rat Kaplin Kaye  makes Graham Cole from The Bill Collecting Rat of the Grand Order of Water Rats.

King Rat Kaplin Kaye makes Water Rat Derek  Martin from Eastenders

King Rat Kaplin Kaye  congratulates Con on becoming 'Bait Rat' of The Grand Order of Water Rats.

Con & Dec were guests of  Dr. Jim Marshall OBE. Also there were Water Rats Terry Marshall, Del Denester and  King Rat Kaplin Kaye 

Con & Dec joined Johnny Casson, Robin Grumbleweed and Bernadette Nolan at a charity show at Batley Variety Club

Dec chats on the stage of Batley Variety Club with Tommy Cannon and Syd Little

Dec recording in Rome with Giovanni Di Stefano.

Dec,  Roy Walker, Vicci, Wayne Denton and Con, Backstage at The Birmingham International Conference Centre

Looking out on a Full House at The Birmingham International Conference Centre with Snow Falling!

Dec & Con with Roy Walker onstage at The Birmingham International Conference Centre

Dec introduces Victoria to old friend Tony Hatch


Dec Vicci and Con Reach for The Stars!!


Dec Enjoying himself 'Doing a Solo!'

Con gets Dramatic in 'I Believe'

Con & Dec enjoy meeting their Fans after the show!

Vicci comes out front to show her talents

The No. 1 Crew: Mac on sound, Con, Justin on Drums and Pete Noble on Lighting

Freddie Cluskey meets Santa

Lydia Cluskey is not too sure!

Miles Cluskey Definitely does not like Santa!!


Watch out --- There are 'Look-alikes' About. Check before you buy your Tickets!

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