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Con & Dec are looking forward to another busy year with lots more shows organised by our new management company


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The One Stop Solution to all your Entertainment Requirements.

Happy New Year as Con's Grandchildren Lydia, Freddie and Miles entertained the family with their version of 'Riverdance'!

Con and his family celebrate the New Year with a family meal at home in New Hall

Con's son Phillip sang in the New Year with his act 'Little and Often'. Con joined in with Phillip and Little Roni to help celebrate 2013.

Dec spoke from the Top Table at Tony Floods Book Launch watched by Heather, Tony's wife .


Dec helped Tony Flood launch his latest book ‘My Life With The Stars’ which features celebrities that  Eastbourne author Tony Flood has interviewed during 46 years as a journalist .

Dec at Tony Floods book launch together with Mayor of Eastbourne Mike Thompson



Dec with newly installed King Rat Jess Conrad OBE(Centre) with an assembly of other Past King Rats, on Sunday 10th February 2013.  Left to Right: Derek Martin from Eastenders, Graham Cole from The Bill, Roy Hudd OBE, Jess Conrad OBE, Preceptor Keith Simmons, Ventriloquist Roger De Courcey and Dec Cluskey.


Con took time out to get away from the bad weather and played golf at the Parador El Saler Golf Club where the Spanish Open will be held later in the year.


Back to work! Dec and Victoria in the control room in Dec's studio discussing harmonies for Con & Dec's new album. A work in progress!!


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The Joys of Touring! Con inspects the damage as the Equipment Van got stuck in the mud when they were appearing at Mill Rythe Holiday Park in Hayling Island. Luckily they were towed out in time to get to their next show.



Dec and Con check out some harmonies on the keyboard before the show at The Grand Burston Hotel in Folkestone on St Patrick's Day. 




Jacqui Green, Dec Birthday Boy Geoff Green and Con.

Con & Dec gave a special concert in Gillingham for Geoff Green to celebrate his Birthday. A great time was had by all, especially the family when Con & Dec and their crew popped in to their home prior to the show for a cup of tea!

Con gets the crowd going at Illfracombe Holiday Park 60's weekend



Showbiz is not all glamour.....Con & Dec take their lives in their hands as they drive through blizzard conditions to get home after a show in Gillingham in Kent


For the first time in 50 Years Con had to cancel a show at Harts Holiday Park in The Isle of Sheppey, as he was 'Snowed In' at his home in Elland! His car, buried in snow, was going nowhere.

Claire Carpenter winner on both the evaluation and speaking competitions at Eastbourne level. Next is Dorothy Margeson (El Presidente). Then Jeff Grace, winner of the speaking competition at area level. To the far right is Distinguished Toaster Master  Dec Cluskey.



Dec was invited to the 100th Anniversary Celebration Party of the Langham Hotel in Eastbourne on March 24th. The hotel opened a hundred years ago to the day. After speeches and toasts the present owners Wendy and Neil Kirby cut a surprise 100th Birthday cake.


Dec presented Clair Carpenter with her prizes at The Toastmasters speaking competition in Eastbourne.


Dec met up with old friend and fellow Water Rat Nicholas Parsons when he appeared in Eastbourne where Dec lives.



Dec with King Rat Jess Conrad and his Grandson Anthony who was over from South Africa. They were relaxing at The Water Rats after a game of golf.





It is with great sorrow that we say goodbye to our great friend Norman Collier who died on Thursday 14th March 2013.

Norman was more than a comic, he was a clown who kept us all amused over the years.

 Thank you Norman...... You Lit Up Our Lives.... Rest In Peace Dear Friend



Dec and Con Backstage at The Caravan Event in Peterborough with ompere Tank Sherman and impressionist Paul Burlin


Con & Dec at the East of England Showground and met up with an old friend Martin Stansfield le Porque who was in charge of the sound for the site which seated over 2000 people.

Dec and Con met up with The Tremelos at The Caravan Event in Peterborough. Pictured are Dave Munden, Dec, Tank Sherman (Compere), Jeff Brown and Con


Dec & Con entertained the members of Dore & Totley Golf Club at their Centenery Dinner at St. Pauls Hotel in Sheffield








When Con & Dec started their career in Showbiz in Dublin, they were often asked to appear on shows organised by by Jomac. These were shows in old peoples homes, hospitals and orphanages and over the years many now famous Irish artists appeared in these shows. The Jomac show is now going live on radio and details are on the poster.

Con & Dec can't wait to hear what they will come up with, but they're sure it will be good!!

Click to listen





The Jomac Show is still going strong – 60years since it was formed by two City Dublin. With a strtainers have performed in orphanages, hospitals and nursing homes across Dublin and Ireland.

In this special two part radio series, Robert Mc Loughlin and Joe Maguire share their memories of The Jomac Show.

The series features interviews with well know entertainer Joe Cuddy, Dec Cluskey from The Bachelors, and many of the other volunteers who have entertained with The Jomac Show.

The Jomac Show can be heard in full on Saturday morning May 18th at 9.30am on 90.3 Nearfm.


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


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Con at Ken Newton's Funeral

Con had a chat with Ken's twin brother Cyril. Both Ken and Cyril had played for all the stars who appeared at Batley Variety Club in Yorkshire with Ken on Drums and Cyril on Bass. When they finished at Batley they both joined The Bachelors touring all over the world.


Ken Newton sadly died in May. Many will remember him playing with The Bachelors through the 70's and 80's. He is now probably playing with Glen Miller and having his favourite tipple "Whiskey and Coke".

Rest In Peace Ken


Con, his daughter Carole, Stewart Atkins and Franny Haywood at Kens funeral. Carole had lived with Ken and his family whilst she was at college in Leeds, Stewart had been Musical Director for The Bachelors, and Franny was a drumming friend of Kens.


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

   Graham Grumbleweed 

  We lost another friend and fellow Water Rat, and the world lost a great comic character. 

Dear Graham........ Rest In Peace

The Krankies joined Con and Frazer Hines at Graham Grumbleweed's Funeral

Amongst the mourners for Graham were comedian Jimmy Cricket, Freddie 'Parrot Face' Davis, Johnny Hamp (Producer of 'The Comedians' ) and Con.

Stuart Atkins, who was The Bachelors musical director for many years, Freddie 'Parrot Face' Davis and Con.


Chris Harman, who played drums for Con & Dec in the past sadly passed away.

Chris who lived in Leeds was well known and well loved.

May he rest in peace



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Con helped out on the Information Desk at Elland Carnival.

Also helping out was Councillor Michael Bailey and Rotarian Peter Robertshaw.

The Elland Rotarians were collecting money at the carnival for the campaign to save Elland Swimming Baths.


Con & Dec had the audience on their feet dancing the night away at Ivan Dorr's Wedding in Huddersfield. Ivan is a friend of Cons through Rotary. What a night that was!!!





Dec and Con performed at a friends wedding in Huddersfield. It was a fantastic occasion with over 200 guests and everybody had a great time dancing to Con & Dec's music. They are still talking about the great night they had.




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Con & Dec's Nephew Derrick gets Married


Con & Dec celebrate their nephew Derricks wedding with his brother Gerry and sister Dierdre

The Happy Couple

Dec with his son Oliver and niece Dierdre join in the celebrations.



Carole, Con's Daughter, samples the Wedding Cake.

And what a cake it was!!!



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Chico, Little Roni, Con and Fiona Phillips pictured backstage at The Grand Theatre in Leeds


Jermaine Jackson could not appear on the show in Leeds, so Con appeared with 'Little and Often' to fill the gap.


Con makes a speech at the After Show Party following the show at The Grand Theatre in Leeds

Con with Justin Osmond, Merrill Osmonds son, backstage at the Gala Show. Justin was born with a severe/profound sensorial-neural hearing loss, and is the founder of The Hearing Fund UK.



Con sang with his son Phillip and his girlfriend Roni (Little and Often) at The Opera House, Leeds in aid of 'The Hearing Fund UK'


   Con with Wendy King and Jonathan Ansell during rehearsals at The Grand Theatre in Leeds

Vince Miller who compered the show, Con, Jess Conrad OBE, Cole Page and Robert Powell having an after show drink at the Howard Keel Golf Classic.



Con joined footballer Frank Worthington, Tony Christie and Jess Conrad at The Howard Keel Golf Classic in aid of the NSPCC



Footballer Tony Curry, Comedian Steve Womack, Con, Vince Earl, snooker player Tony Knowles, Tony Christie and King Rat Jess Conrad OBE have a get together before playing golf in the Howard Keel Classic at Carden Park.

Barnaby Davies [drives the huge trucks for the likes of Beyonce, Madonna, AC/DC on European Tours] and Dec .. winners at Humorous Speaking and Table Topics at Battle Speakers



Dec welcomes the Mayor of Lewes to the charter night of Lewes Speakers


All the winners with the Chief Judge ... Linda Hooper, Barnaby, Peter Matthews, Dec





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Con popped in to see The Osmonds when they were appearing at The Opera House in Manchester. Jimmy, Merril and Jay were delighted to greet Con when he went backstage to see them.




Con & Dec took a break from recording in Eastbourne to have dinner with Tom O'Connor and his wife Pat at The Langham Hotel.

Owners of the hotel  Neil and Wendy Kirby also joined them, and as they say in Ireland, the Craic was great!! 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


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Con & Dec gave Mary Arthur a huge surprise on her 90th Birthday when they popped into Meadow Court Residential Home where she now resides.

Mary is seated centre with all the staff of the home joining in the celebrations. They all had a great time!!

Con presented Mary, who has been a life long fan of The Bachelors,  with a beautiful bouquet of flowers on her Birthday.

Con shares a joke with fellow Water Rats

Con with Fellow Water Rats Bob Potter and Keith Simmons

Dec and Con with Singer Julie Rogers and Con's Daughter in law Belinda Cluskey

Dec and Con have fun with their old mate Frazer Hines

Water Rats Ball 2013

Con with his friend Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart

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The end of our 'Annus Horabilis' when so many of our friends passed on to a better life. The number 13 was certainly an unlucky number, let's hope 14 is much better!!


Watch out --- There are 'Lookalikes' About.

Illegal Tributes using the name 'The Bachelors'

If it's Not Con & Dec, it's NOT The Bachelors!!

Check before you book your tickets!




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