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2010 .... A New Decade for Con & Dec

Dec & Con see in the New Year with a Fireworks Display in Cardiff.

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Derek Martin, from Eastenders, becomes King Rat of the Grand Order of Water Rats.

The New King Rat, Derek Martin, installs Con as Bait Rat with the Grand Order of Water Rats

Con & Friend John Gittins. John, recently retired from Perkins Engines, was celebrating his 60th Birthday.

Con's Son Phillip in charge of the sound at the Bradford Alhambra Theatre takes time off from working with his band 'Strange Bright Lights'.

Con popped in to see old friend Billy Pearce who was playing Jack in 'Jack & The Beanstalk' at The Alhambra.

Jasper Carrot and Dec have a chat at the funeral of their friend Geoff Francis who died recently.

Dec in a Sunbeam Tiger just like he owned in the Sixties – a major article in the Tiger Magazine.

Opening Seahaven FM new radio station. Dec made sure they played some 'Con & Dec The Bachelors' Records!

The railway gate entrance.

The horrors of Auschwitz and Birkenau … Dec and Sandy just had to see it for themselves … Dec was horrified. The infamous gate to Auschwitz … no one survived more than three months in captivity there. Birkenau was the final solution …

The sheer scale and size takes your breath away. Man’s inhumanity to man.

Con shows off his Irish Dancing during the St. Patrick's Day Show at Lake Windermere.

Con & Dec stayed with Glynn Wrennall in his lovely home when they performed a Charity Show for him at Lake Windermere.

Dec & Con have fun... Making Music is the easy part!


Con & Dec had a drink with their friend Liam O'Connor to celebrate Easter after a 'Knock Out Show' at The Meadway Sports & Social Club which Liam owns.


Dec and Con recording their new Swing Album at Dec's Studio. It will be released in October 2010. This will be their 76th Album.

‘Swinging Bachelors’ to be released in the Autumn … Hear tracks at


Dec receives his Prize for winning the Annual Speech Competition at Battle Toastmasters Club from President Giles Robinson. Dec is currently president of the Eastbourne Toastmasters Club.

Con gets to hug a Roman Pillar at the important archaeological site at Empúries in Spain.

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Con is dwarfed by the 2.15m-high statue of the Greek god of medicine Asclepius which is made of marble,

Con also visited the Cathedral of Girona in Catalonia, Spain 

Dec & Con had fun on stage entertaining a packed house at Walsall Town Hall.





Dec & Con had the Shelfield Male Voice Choir backing them in several of their favourite songs. Con said "It was so uplifting to have the full force of a choir behind you, and they sang so beautifully. The crowd went wild".

Dec was made Area Governor of Toastmasters International. Dec is a member of the Eastbourne Club and was overjoyed at the honour bestowed upon him.

Members on Con & Dec's Fan Club met up before their concert in Ferndown. After a meal together Con & Dec performed to a packed audience and received a Standing Ovation at the end of a 3 hour show.

Con & Dec were delighted to welcome backstage their old management team Philip and Dorothy Solomon. Philip and Dorothy guided them throughout the 60's and 70's and ensured their huge success.

Con played Golf with Ricky Tomlinson at his Charity Golf Tournament at Frodsham Golf Club

Con at a Celebrity Golf Dinner with Clive Abbott, Comedian Ian 'Sludge' Lees and Footballer Frank Worthington. The Charity Golf Day was organised by The Celebrity Golf Tour.

Con played golf for charity at St. Thomas's Priory Golf Club with Footballer Frank Worthington and Clive Abbott from The Black Abbotts.


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Con, Dec and Victoria lighting one of 50 Chinese Lanterns to celebrate John Walkley's Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Con & Dec with John Walkley celebrating his Golden Wedding Anniversary by releasing 50 Chinese Lanterns

Dec watches the stream of lanterns disappearing into the distance.


<<-- Con with Fellow Water Rats Don Shearman, M.R. and Preceptor Jimmy Perry OBE, who wrote Dads Army, Hi de Hi and Many other great comedies.

Con with Fellow Water Rats Mike Martin, PAsstScR and Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden -->>

Dec in Moscow.... It was COLD!


After walking round Moscow Dec took a rest

Dec and his son Oliver went to Moscow for a break and came back with lots of stories!


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Con and Dec with Steve Harris. They were guests of Iron Maiden backstage at their sensational appearance at Knebworth

50,000 people came to see Iron Maiden perform at Knebworth


Con Dec and Victoria enjoying the hospitality 'Backstage' at the Iron Maiden Concert at Knebworth.


Con with Team Mates Frank Worthington, Johnny Briggs (Coronation Street) John Lowe (Darts Champion) and Bryn Phillips (Comedian) at Celtic Manor Golf Club

Con out on the course at Celtic Manor with the Tented Village being built behind him for the Ryder Cup.


Playing Golf at Celtic Manor with Clive form The Black Abbotts, Shel McCrae from The Fortunes and Steve Pinnell from Smokey


Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall, and so did Con when a ladder slipped on him and he fell, cutting his face and resulting in 14 stitches! All is well now TG.



Dec doing his bit for charity again ... this time with long time family friend Dame Vera Lynn - 93 and looking good? Vera, that is!"


Con & Dec had a fantastic show at Oakley Lodge Social Club in front of a packed audience. Also appearing on the show were Noel Gee and Comedy Act Kenny Barton

John Gittins and Nicky Buxton (Left Front) organised a concert for 'Help for Heroes' which Con & Dec gladly performed at in Worthen Village Hall near Shrewsbury.

Con received the award given to Con & Dec The Bachelors for being voted Best Top Name Act for 2010



A Standing Ovation from a packed audience at The National Concert Hall in Dublin.


Con & Dec had a Hugely Successful visit to the National Concert Hall in Dublin playing to a sell out audience

Con & Dec and their crew enjoyed Dublin Hospitality, and the food was good too.

Dec, Gordon [Divisional Governor Toastmasters International] and Sandy [Dec's Wife] celebrate the big win in Dublin.

Dec victorious – Dec coached the winner of this years ‘Humorous Speaking’ Toastmasters International competition held in Dublin for Uk and Ireland. Here a unique picture … Andy Hammond [Past President], Snadra Rampton [President Arun], Teresa Dukes [District Governor], Winner Adam Brromfield-Strawn [Arun speakers], Dec [Area Governor], Gordon Piggott [Divisional Governor]

Dec presents the prizes at Toastmasters Area 32 Speech contest at Southwick


Dec and Victoria stop a while at the new Lansdowne road Stadium in Dublin … quite different to the old Stadium?

Dec and Victoria as guests of honour at British Music Hall Christmas Bash

Dec with legendary agent Michael Black and ‘The Wedding’ hit maker Julie Rogers at The Water Rats Ball.

Rolph Harris and his Good Lady with Con and his son Phillip and his girl Friend Roni who together are 'Little and Often'

Ed Stuart (Stewpot) Dec, Bob Potter (Lakeside) Tony Hatch, and Con at The Water Rats Ball

Con & Dec have a serious chat with Tony Christie about his appearance on 'Come Dine with Me' after The Water Rats Ball at The Lancaster Hotel in London.


Dec and Victoria are introduced at The Water Rats Ball at The Lancaster Hotel in London



Dec & Con met up with old friend Dave Berry when they appeared at Butlins Skegness for a 60's Weekend.

Con does his 'Bit' for 'Help for Heroes' dressed as Santa Clause on the Elland Rotary Sleigh


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Happy New Year

Ring in the New Year and wish Everybody a Happy Healthy and Prosperous 2011!!


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