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Coventry Theatre: Birthday Show   with  ANNE ROGERS, FREDDY DAVIS, MIKE YARWOOD


Another record breaking pantomime for 'The Bachelors' at Bristol Hippodrome.



Whilst appearing in Pantomime in Bristol, Dec had a near fatal car crash. Travelling to London one night to pick up a new car, the sports car he was driving blew a tyre and somersaulted over a fence. Dec was found wandering in the middle of the road in a state of concussion, and needed 14 stitches in his head.

Despite this he managed to perform that night, with a doctor standing in 'The wings', although he did have to sit down half way through the act due to dizziness! John Stokes was 'Off' the show at the time recovering from an operation, so it was almost a solo appearance for Con.



Dec with hands on hips, surveys the wreck of his car and wonders how he came out of it alive. Also in the picture are Billy Livingston, the boys' touring manager, Joe Baker, comedian, and Con.

Con & Dec visit John in hospital


Photographed On Tour in Australia

27th September 1965


Twinkle and singer Mike Preston with The Bachelors on tour in Australia

The Bachelors walk to their plane to take them on to New Zealand


The Bachelors being interviewed at Sydney Airport


The Bachelors 1965 Australian tour The Bachelors with Gene Pitney, Twinkle, and Mike Preston were promoted by
The Big Show Band Promoters-Aztec Services-Stadiums Pty Ltd Sydney.

Sydney Stadium October 2nd
Brisbane October 4th
Festival Hall Melbourne October 6th and 7th
Festival Hall Adelaide Centennial Hall October 8th
Perth Capitol Theatre October 9th

This tour was the 2nd tour for Gene Pitney. His first was a year before in April 1964 with Dusty Springfield,
Gerry and the Pacemakers and Brian Poole and the Tremeloes and it was the first for the Bachelors.

Twinkle who had the hit single Terry in 1964 and in 1965 with Golden Lights.

Mike Preston had 3 Top 40 hits in England including Mr Blue (no 12 UK 1959)and had appeared on the
English pop music show Oh Boy and had come to Australia to work as a nightclub singer. It was there
he would achieve great success on TV hosting 'In Melbourne Tonight' as a guest in 1968 as well as acting
in the legendary Australian police drama 'HOMICIDE' as Senior Dec Bob Delaney from 1972-73 as well as 'Bellbird', 'Punishment' and movies like 'Mad Max 2', 'Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn', 'Steel' etc.