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Con & Dec 'The Bachelors' take on a new partner

Dec                Con                 Peter

Peter Phipps joined Con & Dec 'The Bachelors' in 1984, and not wishing to misrepresent themselves to their many fans, they called themselves 'The New Bachelors'. They immediately recorded an album called 'Now and Then' which was well received. Peter fitted in well with the Boys both as an excellent Bass Player, with brilliant musical knowledge, and as a singer. He performed with Con & Dec for about nine years, taking in several Round The World Tours, plus performances before H.M. Queen Elizabeth.


        Peter, Dec & Con, 'The Bachelors' are greeted by H. M. Queen Elizabeth after a Charity Show in 1984 at the Royal Albert Hall.

After meeting The Queen Con & Pete had tea in her company and had a chat with Comedian Dicky Henderson who had compered the show at the Royal Albert Hall.

"And what did The Queen say to you?" Dicky replied "You made a 'right cock up' of the finale"


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