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The Bachelors at The London Palladium


Con & Dec made many appearances at The London Palladium......... Here is a list with all the artists who appeared with them.


APR 9 for Four Weeks Lesley McDonald & Bernard Delfont present Lena Horne with The Del Ray Bros, The Monarchs, Arthur Worseley, Bal Caron Trio, Des O'Connor, The Bachelors, Bill Finch and Lena Horne.


MAY 1 Round Table Midnight Matinee with Ray Allan & Lord Charles, The Bachelors, Svetlan Beriosova, Donald MacLeary, Butch & The Capital Showband, Jess Conrad, Leslie Crowther, Linda Doll, The Eagles, Fred Emney, Bud Flanagan, Pat McGeegan, Des O’Connor, Roy Orbison, The Puppets, Leslie Randall, Johnny Restivo, Cardew Robinson, Stratford Johns, Frank Windsor, The Tiller Girls and Ben Warriss.


Sunday Night at the London Palladium TV APR 19 with Frank Ifield, The Bachelors, Hope & Keen, HOST Bruce Forsyth Beat The Clock £300


Sunday Night at the London Palladium TV MAY  17 with The Bachelors, Lawrence & Carroll, Bruce Forsyth and Beat The Clock £700.


Royal Variety 1964 NOV 2  The Palladium Orch Eric Tann, Tiller Girls, TOMMY COOPER, The Bachelors, Gil Dova, David Jacobs, Cilla Black, Millicent Martin, Kathy Kirby, Denis Spicer, Morecambe & Wise, Gracie Fields, Moiseyev Dance Co, Ralph Reader, Jimmy Tarbuck, The Shadows -Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch, John Rostill, Brian Bennett, Cliff Richard, Bob Newhart and Lena Horne with on piano Lenny Hayton .



MAY  16 Sunday Night at the London Palladium TV The Bachelors, Hope & Keen, Rockin Berries, HOST Norman Vaughan, Beat The Clock £200


OCT 24 Sunday Night at the London Palladium TV Michael Bentine, The Bachelors, Topo Gigio, Eleanor Toner, Frank Berry, Jack  Parnell Orchestra, HOST Jimmy Tarbuck



JAN 16 Sunday Night at the London Palladium TV   The Bachelors, Peter Nero, Jimmy Tarbuck.


NOV   20  Sunday Night at the London Palladium TV Roger Moore (HOST), Eric & Ernie, The Bachelors, Joe Brown, Milicent Martin, ARNO & RITA VAN BOLEN, Tiller Girls.


Royal Variety Performance 1966 NOV 14  at The Palladium Orch with Eric Tann, Tony Sympson, The Bachelors,  Des O'Connor, Jack Douglas, Gene Pitney, Peiro Bros, Gilbert Becaud, Marvo & Dolores, (Morecambe & Wise) Juliette Greco, Hugh Forgie, Wayne Newton, Kenneth McKellar, Paul Burnett, Tommy Steele, Nadia Nerina, Chris Gable, Henry Mancini, Bal Canon Troupe, The Seekers, Judith Durham, Frankie Howerd, Matt Monroe, Jerry Lewi, Sammy Davis Jnr.



APR 9 Sunday Night at the London Palladium TV The Bachelors, Freddie & the Dreamers, Henny Youngmann, SILVAN, Mirielle Mathieu, Chris Kirby and Bob Monkhouse (HOST)



JAN 19 Sunday Night at the London Palladium TV at 7.25 Lena Horne (billed but did not appear) Judy Garland appeared instead. The Bachelors, Jimmy Tarbuck, Freddie Davies, Jack Parnell  Orchestra conducted by Peter Knight



DEC 2 Butlin’s Finals with Beryl Calvert, BRIAN MILLER & AUDREY, JOHN BROOKES, Compère Jill Fletcher, The Voyagers, Mike Reid and,  The Bachelors




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