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Hi Con and Dec, What a great album - all the songs I love - do you have plans for a follow-up? Have a great 2013! Regards, Graham Page,      Dear Dec, the cd's came and what can we say wow wow great great and terrific. We love the song choice, thank you for sending them so quickly. Have a good evening, Margaret - - - - -  WOW!!!!!  I have to send this now while I am on a high as I might have forgotton the magic by the morning. I played the first 4 tracks in the car, and the rest when I got home. It is well worth waiting for - great songs, and your voice is terrific - the songs really suit your voice. Good to hear what must be your theme song - "Young at heart"! I always loved your versions of "Unforgettable" and "As Time goes by" so it is good to have them again amongst all the other great songs. Can't say yet which are my favourites - I'll have to listen to them a few more times. Lorna  - - - - "Hi Dec, The new CD is great"   Doe Haddon

Swinging Bachelors cover Hear tracks from our new release "Swinging Bachelors" www.myspace.com/thebachelorsconanddec

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.....Con & Dec The Bachelors 'Charmaine' (Eastbourne).

.....Con & Dec sing 'The Wonder of You'

....The New Bachelors 'I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen'.........

....'The New Bachelors' 'Hits Medley'...

.....'The 'New' Bachelors 'Sometimes When We Touch'

The Bachelors....Sweet Gypsy Rose with Lena Zavaroni

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"The Bachelors with eighteen hit records in the UK charts throughout the 1960s and selling millions of records around the world, became one of the top acts, both in recording and stage entertainment.

In 1964, The Bachelors put more records into the UK top ten than The Beatles. They were probably the biggest record sellers, showing for an amazing 77 weeks in the UK charts, compared to "The Beatles" 50 weeks, plus reaching number one, with titles "Diane" and "I Believe."

Many hits followed throughout the world, especially in the Far East and Australia, plus having hit singles in the US billboard charts with "Diane" and "Charmaine" reaching No2, and many successful albums.

The UK market was very demanding on The Bachelors time, with the long seasons booked in the top theatres in London and around the country, which left little time for promotion in the US, apart from a couple of appearances on the Ed Sullivan show and the Johnny Carson show, plus some of the other top TV shows there.

The Bachelors enjoyed great success through the seventies to mid eighties, but opinions within the group were conflicting. The choice was to continue or to update with modern ideas.

Founder members Con & Dec Cluskey, the progressive ones, dismissed John Stokes in 1984.

The successful result of this is now obvious, as Con & Dec "The Bachelors" are once again one of the top acts in the UK and in big demand for the top theatre and cabaret venues, appearing in Summer Season at the famous 'Opera House' in Blackpool, one of Gt. Britain's premier theatres.

The last few years were taken up with recording, getting into the Album Charts at No. 5, European Cruises, theatre and cabaret shows in the UK. and throughout the world.

The 76th release, "Swinging Bachelors" is now released.

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< The Mayor and Mayoress of Gosport plus a visiting branch of the RNA which included members of the Aldershot  branch of the RNA everyone said it was one of the best nights of entertainment that had ever witnessed it is certainly a night out i will not forget a for a very  long time many thanks again....  from Ryan Claridge>>>" Biggest audience we have had this year - thank you Con and Dec ..... Richmond Holiday Resort, Skegness" - - Hi Guys it was such a lovely surprise to see you perform @ The Grand Hotel in Scarborough!!! We had not a clue who the act was for our Saturday nite  entertainment ??? we were a party of 8 ladies and every one of us had a fab nite and enjoyed  all the songs that you sang for us you were amazing and brought wonderful memories back to us all !!! Thankyou so much :) Myself (Lynne) & my friend Jane had our pics taken with you both a lovely reminder of a lovely evening!! Keep on bringing joy to the world with your lovely songs hope we get to see you again somewhere thanks again xxx Lynne & Jane  Bagshaw - - Biggest audience we have had this year - thank you Con and Dec ..... Richmond Holiday Resort, Skegness" - -


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